I am proud to announce my new affiliate relationship with the 100 Year Lifestyle Program. The 100 Year Lifestyle is a network of chiropractors who are changing the way health care is delivered around the world.

People are living longer than ever and are looking for solutions to make the most of their years. This unique, holistic program is making a huge difference in families lives.  As a 100 Year Lifestyle Licensed Affiliate, I am responding to the public’s desire to live healthier, drug-free lives and achieve peak performance levels. Our office is committed to assisting my community in making healthy lifestyle changes and keeping their spine and nervous systems healthy, so they can enjoy greater vitality and quality of life as they age.

With so many concerns about our current health care system, whether it be the opioid crisis, the costs of health care spinning out of control, or the financial responsibility shifting to the patient and away from the insurance companies, people are realizing that true health care savings come from a proactive, wellness, holistic approach.

In our office, it has been and always will be about how your bodies vitalistic, innate ability to self-regulate and self-heal.  We make sure this happens through your mind-body connection through your nervous system and spine.  The better this system works the better EVERYTHING works!

Becoming an affiliate of 100 Year Lifestyle was simply a natural progression for my practice as its ideals, goals, and philosophy are completely in line with my practice!

We will have further press releases in the future as we begin our next chapter in practice!


David Adler, D.C.