May Is International Posture Month….

Summer is almost here which means plenty of time for a check-up!

Congratulations to all the students out there! As the school year winds down this week, remember that May is International Posture Awareness Month. You won’t have to lug those backpacks around for a few months, so come in and get your spine checked. Let us check for damage that the heavy backpack and ongoing tablets, laptops, and phones could have caused.

Get ready for your next step…

We will help you recover from this past school year so that you have a great summer. The stresses from all those books and laptops and iPads are over but the effects can linger, especially if you used one shoulder for your bag.  Any pain or discomfort in unacceptable when it comes to our patients, but more so with kids. And it isn’t just about the back and neck… “as a twig is bent so grows the tree” So it’s time for your check-up.

Whether you’re graduating, or just moving up a grade, Dr. Adler has a gift for you: The gift of health.  Click here for our Health Pass.

So add us to your list of things to do and make it a great summer!

  • Beach
  • Lake
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Adler Family Chiropractic -check-up!