Smartphones causing nervous system interference!


So, how does your phone affect your nervous system?

As we spend May focusing on posture – since it’s International Posture Awareness Month – it’s important to remember that small problems now will become bigger ones down the road. “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.” Kyphosis is a normal posture, hyperkyphosis is not!  It is an increased forward curve in your mid-back.  One cause for this condition is “Text Neck.” (chronic forward bending of the head while using electronics) Think about how most of us sit and text on the phone. Or click on Facebook. Or scroll through music … Your phone is below you, and you’re flexing the neck and all those muscles into an awkward position.

Gravity Never Quits!

Think of your head as a gallon of milk from the store. The further out you try to hold it, the heavier it appears – even though it is a gallon in every position.  As you bend forward to look at your phone, you’re making your head “heavier.” Think of the milk jug.  You’re putting more strain on the muscles and bones that are tasked with keeping your head in place. You’re causing yourself unnecessary pain and discomfort, not to mention negatively impacting your ability to breathe. Those things, over time, can actually lead to increased mortality, as the blurb above tells us from a Neurosurgeon’s medical journal article.

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May is International Posture Awareness Month!

 Text-Neck / Poor Posture – how bad can it really be?

Text-Neck (or tablet neck) is an epidemic problem in our society today.  We are glued to our electronic devices for hours on end.  The phone has replaced face to face conversations, posting images and Snap-chatting has almost become a form of exercise – bad exercise.   We have all seen the YouTube videos of people who are so glued to their phones.  These are the videos where they fall into fountains, walk into traffic, fall down, etc.  These might be funny to watch but serious injuries can occur.

However, one of the unseen injuries is the action itself.  Bending your head forward for prolonged periods of time puts a huge strain on the muscles, ligaments, and the discs in the neck and upper back.  The combination of the force of gravity and the weight of the head time will put premature wear and tear on the spine.  Symptoms that we often see with this are;  neck strain, headaches, pain at the base of the skull, trigger points (knots) in the shoulders, pain to the arms, weakness of the arms, tingling in the hands and fingers.  This can lead to conditions like disc herniation, thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome…. the list goes on!  Studies also show a negative effect on breathing and blood pressure.

Children, poor posture, and the causes

The group of users that gets the worst of this (or will) are the children.  Electronics (phones and tablets) are being used for 5-10 hours per day.  Whether it’s at the breakfast table, tablet at school, laptop for homework or for live-chatting the use of these devices simply does not slow down.  The saying…“As the twig is bent so grows the tree” is an important one.  These abnormal stresses will end up causing damage to their developing spines that could plague them for rest of their lives.   I predict that in the near future we will see problems in 20-25-year-olds that we usually see in those patients who are in their 40-50’s

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Happy Posture Month!

Dr. David Adler
Chiropractic – Roswell, GA