My husband is happy to have his happy, healthy, energetic wife back!

About three years ago, I injured my lower back while weight lifting. I continued to train and run through the pain and never allowed myself a chance to heal. For three years I experienced on and off soreness, stiffness, and swelling in my lower back. Finally these symptoms reached a point where I could no longer train and run. I could barely go from laying to sitting, or sitting to standing without rolling to the side and using my arms. By the end of a day, the only way I could get comfortable was to lay flat on the floor with a heating pad on my lower back. I was taking OTC pain medication almost daily. The pain crept up in to my upper back, neck, and down in to my tailbone.

Before seeing Dr. Adler, I had no experience with chiropractic care at all. It had been suggested to me years ago, but I brushed off the suggestion thinking my back would just get better on its own. I went to doctors who advised me to stop working out entirely, to take daily rounds of pain killers, and wasted my time and money on x-rays with no feedback/results.

After seeing how stiff and uncomfortable I was, a family member suggested I give her chiropractor a try. When I first came to Dr. Adler, I was skeptical and a little nervous. But I was at a point where I could barely move and certainly couldn’t exercise. I was starting to give up hope that I’d ever regain my active lifestyle that I so enjoy.

I’ve seen tremendous progress after just a few weeks with Dr. Adler. I haven’t needed pain medications since before my first adjustment, I’ve been able to run and lift weights, and most importantly, I do not have the daily soreness and stiffness that I had before. The swelling is getting less and less every day. I’m so happy and relieved — I feel like myself again!
In addition to the changes in my back, I’m also experiencing fewer headaches. I’m sleeping better at night and waking up energized instead of lethargic. The increase in energy and exercise is helping me eat better and concentrate better at work. I’ve even noticed that my skin seems clearer and brighter. My husband is happy to have his happy, healthy, energetic wife back!

I’m so thankful for the changes Dr. Adler has provided me and for the education he provides about everything he is doing. He genuinely cares and gets invested, which I have never experienced from a medical practitioner. I also love seeing Stephanie at the front desk — she always makes me feel welcomed, comfortable, and can answer all of my questions. I look forward to each appointment and know that I’m doing something good for myself.

Mary M.

I’m glad I found Adler Family Chiropractic

I was referred to Dr. Adler by a friend who knew I was having neck and lower back issues. I was experiencing these problems for about 9 months. Thankfully it was a dull pain and it never got really bad.

I received immediate help and relief after seeing Dr. Adler. Chiropractic helps my overall neurological health which helps with everything else. I’ve had chiropractic care before seeing Dr. Adler and my attitude was indifferent towards it. Now I am all in!

I did try seeing an orthopedic doctor and all they just told me to do more sit ups to fix my problem, which I was already doing. I’m glad I found Adler Family Chiropractic. They are friendly and thorough every time I come in. Stephanie is most helpful and Dr. Adler is the best of the best.

Paul G.

Now, I rarely experience back problems anymore

I began chiropractic care about 30 years ago because occasionally I would experience low back pain. It was so painful at times that I was incapacitated. I started seeing Dr. Adler because the distance to my old chiropractor became too great to continue. My wife had already begun seeing Dr. Adler so I decided to come with her. Now, I rarely experience back problems anymore. After every visit. I seem to have more energy and even a spring in my step.

Steve E.

My neck has begun to get its curve back which has allowed me to work my shifts at work pain free and with a much better attitude!

I began seeing Dr. Adler because I was experiencing back pain and other issues related to sports injuries that I had been dealing with for years, At its worst I was not able to stand up straight without pain in my back. It made it difficult to work as a server where I am on my feet all day.

Prior to seeing Dr. Adler I had no experience with chiropractic care. I came as a result of my Mom, Dad and brother seeing great results.

In the past I tried physical therapy which worked for a period but the problems came back. My neck has begun to get its curve back which has allowed me to work my shifts at work pain free and with a much better attitude! Dr. Adler has not only helped me to see great results but him and his staff genuinely care about me as a person.

Mackenzie K.