BackPack Buddies Community Outreach SUCCESS!!!

Below is a quick overview video of the Backpack Buddies,  of Atlanta, GA,  support organization event.   The event was a complete success.  We were able to collect an SUV full of non-perishables and then transported all items to Backpack Buddies headquarters in Dunwoody.

Our event is over but they will always need assistance in serving the needs of children and their families. If you wish to donate please click here: To learn more about their organization please visit their website:

Dr Adler pictures with Founder / Chair – Ronald Robbins

Our 2022 Community Outreach Organization

Each year our office selects an organization in Atlanta, GA metropolitan region to support.  This year we have chosen a wonderful organization that supports children and
families in need. 

Backpack Buddies of Atlanta, GA assists families in need by making sure children have
non-perishable food to carry them through the weekends when they’d otherwise go without.  They do this by providing a reusable bag full of food they can pick up at the end of a school week. Then, the child simply returns that same bag for replenishment at the beginning of the next school week where it is re-filled and ready for weekend pickup.

BackPack Buddies Atlanta, Georgia

From October 31st – November 11th our office will be providing our intial new patient services* in exchange for a reasonable donation of canned and
non-perishable food items.  

To find out more about Backpack Buddies click on the image below.  If you wish to participate and schedule an appointment you can call our office at
770-594-2233 or by filling out the appointment request below.

Join us in helping meet the needs of the children because hunger does not take the weekend off.

*  Reasonable – we request that you be very generous in this exchange as the services you will receive has a
value of $245.00

This promotion is not valid with any personal injury, workers’ compensation cases, or Medicare recipients.