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Chiropractic Rehabilitation

When you have pain from an injury or a condition that affects your spine or other joints, it’s important to go through chiropractic rehabilitation to recover and regain flexibility. Chiropractic rehabilitation provides an effective way for your body to gradually heal while gaining strength and an improved range of motion. At Adler Comprehensive Chiropractic, Dr. David Adler offers chiropractic rehabilitation to patients and families in Roswell, Georgia,, who have spinal problems.

Chiropractic Rehabilitation Q & A

by David N. Adler, DC

When you undergo physical therapy for chronic or persistent pain, you typically learn to do standard sets of exercises meant to increase muscle strength and flexibility. Although this might seem helpful initially, it’s not targeted enough to ensure that your body heals.

Dr. Adler creates a detailed treatment plan with spinal rehab exercises that address your specific needs with chiropractic rehabilitation with chiropractic rehabilitation. This helps your body heal while also reducing the risk of causing additional irritation,, as physical therapy exercises can do.

This depends on the source of your pain, how long you’ve had it, and its severity. Dr. Adler will perform a thorough evaluation to uncover these factors and let you know when you should begin chiropractic rehabilitation.

However, doing repetitive rehab too early can make your condition worse. Dr. Adler knows that which is why he creates a treatment plan for rehabilitation that gently promotes natural healing instead of having you do challenging exercises that could strain your muscles or irritate your nerves.

Dr. Adler offers chiropractic rehabilitation to all of his patients to help them make a full recovery and return to their usual activities. As part of this rehab program, you can expect to do specific exercises designed to help you achieve optimal results. Of course, the exact exercises you’ll engage in depend on the type of injury or damage you have and what’s causing it.

Keep in mind that Dr. Adler makes adjustments to your treatment plan as you go through the healing process and your body improves.

Dr. Adler focuses on promoting your body’s natural healing abilities, which are linked to your nervous system. This involves having you do exercises that gradually help you get better. This allows your body to ease into the healing process and recover at a healthy pace, reducing the risk of having your condition worsen that being said, the duration of your chiropractic rehabilitation program depends on how bad your pain is, how severe the underlying cause of it is, and how long you’ve had it. Dr. Adler will let you know roughly how long the rehab process will take based on your evaluation.