For anyone truly ready to take a journey to transformative change in health metrics, energy, self-esteem, and, of course,  with a side dish of weight loss, I am sharing my story here with you.

In July 2019, I entered the hospital with a tachycardic arrhythmia (rapid, irregular heartbeat). I had shortness of breath and extremely high blood pressure.  After several tests, I learned that my heart was fine and that the episode that brought me to the ER was most likely triggered by apnea (disruptive airway when sleeping).  This was my  Wake Up Call #1.  I was nearing 300 lbs. and I had to make a change.  I did lose some weight and started using a C-PAP (sleep apnea machine) and my symptoms improved.

My next “wake-up” came when I had a routine eye exam and there was a finding consistent with high blood sugar – diabetes.  I was urged to get blood work done and find out for sure.   In November 2020, I came down with COVID and several weeks after recovering from it, I had a complete examination.  The results of this examination revealed that I WAS a Diabetic and hypertensive (high blood pressure) – Wake Up Call #2…….

If you want to read more about my health transformation journey,  click the download link for the article.

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Death of the Blue Zones

  Dan Buettner, author of The Blue Zones, when visiting Nicoya, Costa Rica recently, identified what he referred to as “the death of the Blue Zones.”

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