Would you like to perform 100% for 100 years? Would an injury make you quit Crossfit or running? Don’t you want to enjoy cycling, tennis, golf, or other sports throughout your life? You would.

Today’s centenarians show us this is possible. The 100-year dash, a 100-meter dash for 90- and 100-year-olds, started within a few years. Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins won in 40.12 seconds.

Daily body care will determine how well you age. If you wait until a crisis or injury to prioritize your health, you will likely pay the price.

Performance 100

Five 100-Year Lifestyle FitNESS Principles will help you perform at your best for life. They are:

Neurology: Function

Neurology first! Your nervous system regulates all body functions, including muscles, organs, and systems. Your heart, lungs, and balance require a healthy nervous system. This is why top athletes and performers use chiropractic care as part of their fitness program.

Food = Energy

Diet fuels life. As a lifestyle, eat organic fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and low-sugar and processed foods. Isn’t it time to cleanse and adopt a healthy diet? This will support you during fitness and as you age.

Longevity = Endurance

Every day is a marathon. Cardiovascular exercise like walking, running, biking, and other heart-rate-raising activities strengthens your cardiovascular system. Start slow, be consistent, and gradually increase endurance training frequency, intensity, and duration. Your body will surprise you.


You must prioritize strength today to remain independent as you age. Strength training, whether with weights, yoga, Pilates, or plyometrics, should be a lifestyle.

Structure= Activity

Activity depends on structure health. Your short- and long-term health and fitness depend on a straight, strong spine. This is why millions of people, including the U.S. Olympic Team, use chiropractors.

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