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Headache Specialist

Headaches. The name really doesn’t do them justice. An intense sensitivity to light and sound. Sharp, stabbing pain in your skull. Blurred vision and even nausea… These are just some of the symptoms Dr. Adler sees. And it’s very important to understand that headaches are not normal, despite how common they are.  Dr. Adler specializes in Chiropractic care for headaches.

Serious headaches are caused by a variety of things – muscle tension in the region, altered blood and nerve flow, and subluxations. Sure, those pills you have in your medicine cabinet might make them feel like they’ve gone away, but are you eliminating the cause of the headache to prevent it from coming back? Are you aware of the effects of those pills on the rest of your body?

“Even after 28 years of taking care of patients, I’m still shocked when patient’s utter ‘I get normal headaches, Doc.’ I usually follow that up with ‘When are headaches ever normal?” says Dr. David Adler. “Just think about them for a second. Does it seem normal for a part of your body to ache and pound and throb out of nowhere?”

Dr. Adler believes strongly in patient education, so that you know what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. One thing he’s noticed is how surprised some patients are when he tells them nearly 20% of headaches are “cervicogenic;” meaning they start in the neck and upper back.

At Adler Comprehensive Chiropractic, we provide chiropractic care for headaches that treat the cause of the headaches – not the headaches themselves. By eliminating the cause, we’re able to reduce the severity of your headaches, or sometimes, get rid of them completely.

Dr. David Adler is currently accepting new headache patients in Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, Johns Creek, Cumming and all of North Fulton County, Georgia.  Click here to schedule an appointment today.

Q & A About Headaches

by David N. Adler, DC
Before we can answer any questions, there are some terms you need to know. Dr. Adler specializes in the detection and correction of the “Vertebral Subluxation Complex.” Vertebral subluxation is a condition where spinal vertebrae are not in the correct alignment and create changes in the ability of the nervous system to communicate with the rest of the body clearly both from the brain to the body and the body back to the brain. This causes a less than optimal function and adaptability of the body.

Headaches are not all the same, and it’s important to know that. Some affect certain areas of your head, while the pain from others is more widespread and can travel into the neck, face and even shoulders. Some headaches flare up from specific triggers and cause sharp pain, and can last a few minutes. Others cause a dull ache, but last for hours.

Cervicogenic headaches: that usually affect multiple regions and stem from the neck and upper back.

Tension headaches: that usually affect the top of your head and temples, especially toward the end of the day.

Cluster headaches: that usually affect one side or one part of your head.

Migraines: that typically occur on one side and cause severe pain that can last for hours and many more …

Chiropractic adjustments bring your spine back into its proper alignment. When you have problems with your upper spine, this can put pressure on the nerves in this area, triggering headaches.

Dr. Adler provides chiropractic care for headaches by analyzing your spine to check for alignment, motion and strength, and apply specific adjustments to correct what isn’t working properly.

You can get headaches on a regular basis for many reasons. Physical trauma, emotional stress, and chemical toxins are major factors. One of the newer common causes of recurring headaches is what’s known as ‘text neck.’ This occurs when you have your head bent at an angle for long periods of time while using your phone or typing on a tablet, laptop, or computer. And in this day and age, who isn’t?

You can also get headaches from chronic stress or from underlying health conditions, such as high blood pressure. There are also headaches that occur with no evident cause.

Text neck refers to the pain and discomfort you experience in your neck and head from keeping your head bent while texting or looking at your phone or other handheld devices. When you keep your head in this position for long periods of time or on a frequent basis, it can affect the upper part of your spine and irritate the nerves in your neck and head. Dr. Adler predicts that many of our teenagers and children will begin to see problems in their necks; things like herniated discs and arthritic changes at a very young age. Shoulder complaints, upper back pain and stiffness, and upper extremity problems will begin to show up much earlier than in previous generations as a result.

Dr. Adler eases this discomfort and prevents it from coming back by correcting spinal subluxations in your upper spine.