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Health Transformation | Weight Loss​

I’m excited to share the changes that I have made to my lifestyle/health transformation. Practicing for over 31 years and helping thousands of people to better health I found myself not caring for the person that cares for many – ME!

At the beginning of 2021, I hit the biggest fork in the road I have ever had to face, one that would have me traveling a significantly different road if I chose to ignore it. Like many, I was not alone on this road as many my age and younger have found themselves.

I was presented with the reality of hypertension, obesity, and Type II diabetes. It was at the moment that my medical colleague said “I know you are not one for taking medication but I know you know that you have to get this under control”. It was at that moment that the switch went off and I haven’t looked back since. So I share this webpage with you. Now over 70 pounds lighter, with normal blood pressure and reversed Type II diabetes, I am eager to share and assist those who are ready for LIFE TRANSFORMATION.

My focus for all of my patients has always been to live the healthiest life possible and a very important part is how you fuel or feed your body. Our programs are simple and easy to follow and, if followed correctly, lead to lifelong transformation. I have become a health coach and the secret to our successful track record is that along with a structured eating plan and support, we incorporate Healthy Habits.

There are four components that will make up the foundation of this program: They are:

1. Your Coach
Each client will receive a one-on-one personal health coach and support and is what sets this program apart from other lifestyle programs available. We will be there to guide you on this journey and help you develop healthy new habits and make healthy choices that lead to lifelong transformation. Study after study shows that support and guidance increase your chance for success in reaching your optimal weight. We will help keep you accountable and we’ll celebrate your successes along the way…the little ones and the big ones!

2. The Healthy Habit System:
Our innovative lifestyle approach contains everything you need to replace unhealthy habits with healthier ones. Adopting these habits contributes to your long-term success.

With this educational system, you’ll be learning new Healthy Habits in bite-sized pieces…and these powerful habits support you in creating the healthy life you want.

3. Our Community
In addition to your Coach, you’ll have access to support from a Community of like-minded people who are all focused on creating better health. From live and recorded video conferences and support calls, Nutrition Support, client-focused support groups, online support, and more. Our Community is an important aspect of your success.

4. We will provide you with a structured eating plan!

With our plan your body enters a gentle but efficient fat-burning state, which is essential for helping you lose weight

We believe in a balanced approach to nutrition and you will enjoy six meals a day spaced every 2 to 3 hours apart with just the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats We will also get you drinking 64 oz. of water a day.

It’s a proven system and it’s easy to follow and it WORKS!!

Please click the button below to get started  if you’re interested in setting up a brief, 10 minute health assessment so I can hear what your goals are and recommend which program would be the best fit for you to achieve those goals!